Crypto Bot Strategies for Gekko Plus

We develop and maintain Gekko Plus strategies to automate your crypto trading.

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Our strategies are hosted independently and can be compared and backtested against other strategy makers.

You Keep Control

You do not send us your coins, money, or passwords to us or Gekko Plus staff. You keep full control over your funds.

Continuous Development

A team that maintains and supports strategies based on changing market trends to keep strategies effective.

Supported exchanges

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How does it work exactly?

Our strategies are available on the independent Gekko Plus platform which hosts other strategies. Backtest our strategies and compare them with others.

If you choose our strategy and want to automate your trading, create API keys from your exchange and follow the instructions on Gekko Plus. We or Gekko Plus can not transfer your money out.

That's it! Your portfolio is now managed by our developed strategy using the Gekko Plus cloud infrastructure.


You pay a monthly fee on Gekko Plus. Support us by using our strategies on Gekko Plus. More details about pricing

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  • Which exchanges does Gekko Plus support?
    CoinBase Pro, Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex. Support for more exchanges is in development by the Gekko Plus team.
  • Which pairs do you support?
    Any pairs supported on the listed exchanges but we recommend to only use pairs we support. We optimize our strategies for pairs and stable coins/fiat.
  • Do I need to install software?
    Gekko Plus runs in the cloud and communicates directly with your exchange using the API keys you provide us. No software to install or to maintain.
  • How many trades do you do per month?
    Between 1 and 6. Sometimes none if we are in a long down market or sideways market. Updates on strategies might change trade frequencies. Check our changelog.
  • Can I trade myself while using Gekko Plus service?
    Not recommended but sure. Gekko Plus uses 100% of your available balance.
  • Check out our FAQ for more questions and answers.